ScreenCoach Box Setup


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ScreenCoach FAQs


How does ScreenCoach Work?

ScreenCoach is an App which needs to be installed on all computers and devices you would like to manage.

It measures the time your child or children spend across their devices. Once their allowed time is up, they need to go and complete activities set by you in order to earn tokens which automatically translate into more screen time (or pocket money) for them.

Everything is completely customisable by you and can be edited at any time.

If you would like to manage the TV and anything connected to it (eg. Playstation, XBox, Netflix, Foxtel etc.), you’ll need to purchase a ScreenCoach box which works with a valid ScreenCoach Subscription.

Does ScreenCoach block my kids from using their devices?

Yes! When the child has run out of time and has no tokens left, or if they are outside their allowed playing time (set with modes), they will be blocked on mobile devices and PC’s.

As per Apple’s screen time policy on mobile phones, children will still be able to use messages and be able to use the phone for phone calls.

They will also be able to open ScreenCoach App so they can access their activity list to see what they can do to earn tokens.

If you have purchased the ScreenCoach box to manage the TV and anything connected to it (such as a gaming console – eg. XBox or PS4), it will also block the TV.

How do I install ScreenCoach?

After paying for your ScreenCoach subscription and setting up your account at manage.myscreencoach.com, you then need to install the Apps on the devices you would like to manage.
Click the “Downloads” button at the top of this page for the links to install on Mac and PC.
Mobile Apps can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

What devices does ScreenCoach manage?

ScreenCoach Desktop & Mobile Apps can be installed on most recent Apple iPhones & iPads (iOS), Android Smart Phones & Tablets, Laptops and PC’s.

The optional ScreenCoach Hardware Box can be plugged into a TV or a Computer Monitor and will manage the TV itself as well as anything connected to that TV – eg. PlayStation, XBox, Foxtel, DVD player, Apple TV.


What does the ScreenCoach Hardware Box do and how can I get one?

The ScreenCoach Hardware Box is an optional addition to the ScreenCoach Apps.
It manages the TV (or a computer monitor) and anything connected to it via a HDMI port – such as gaming consoles (eg. PS4, XBox), cable TV, including the TV itself.

You need to have a current, active ScreenCoach subscription in order to use the ScreenCoach box.

To purchase the ScreenCoach box, please email us at [email protected]

What if my kids won't co-operate or refuse to use ScreenCoach

It is important you collaborate with your kids before introducing ScreenCoach to come to some agreement before installing. We have created a document to help you to introduce ScreenCoach into your family.

You may want to start with giving the child unlimited time to simply measure their screen time before you start limiting the time and offering the bonuses for activities or any additional features. 

We have also created an article with 10 most common objections your kids might have to ScreenCoach and what you can say to their objections.


When will ScreenCoach be ready for sale?

After we have completed our Beta Special Offer, ScreenCoach will be available for sale to the public. We anticipate this will be February 2023.